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As the temperature drops faster than the last few remaining leaves from the trees, the hearts and minds of current and future rowers turn to one thing: Conditioning is supervised and run by the coaching staff Monday through Friday from 5-7pm at the school. Our conditioning program is voluntary, but any varsity rower will tell you that the best chance of making the team during tryouts on February 19-20 is to go through winter conditioning.

Full details are on our Winter Conditioning page.

Find out more on conditioning and a few tips on how to prep and what to expect in our latest blog post.


About Us

Woodbridge Crew, the first program founded in Prince William County, has promoted the challenging and rewarding sport of rowing since 1981. Our team’s members are some of the best male and female athletes and scholars in Virginia.  To find out more about rowing for Woodbridge, click here.37379242_561469170915141_2385029724976971776_n

We are a varsity sport sanctioned by Woodbridge Senior High School and the National Capital Area Scholastic Rowing Association. Since 2010, our rowers have earned:

  • A national championship
  • 2 national silver medal finishes
  • 14 Virginia state championships
  • 10 Virginia state silver medal finishes
  • 7 Virginia state bronze medal finishes

Our team is supported by a not-for-profit organization that relies on parent booster volunteers and student athletes to keep our rowing program successful.  Our fundraising activities include corporate and alumni sponsorship, special events and door-to-door tag days. Contributions of time, money, equipment or expertise are always welcome.  Contact us to find out how you can help or make a tax-deductible donation now:

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DONATE TO THE EIGHT! Help keep Woodbridge Crew competitive with other programs by donating to help purchase a new 8-person boat. We’re half way to funding a new boat for the Varsity Women’s team, and you can help us get closer to our goal.

Thanks for your continued support of Woodbridge Crew!


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