Are you getting better this summer? Your rival is!

He's Coming For You 2

There’s an old song that talks about the “Lazy Days of Summer”, but we hope that doesn’t describe you!

Just for a moment, think about all the hard work you did last season.

  • The pain and sweat of winter conditioning
  • Those times when you just knew you would never be able to stand on your rubbery legs after you gave everything you had in that 2k
  • The blisters on your hands
  • And the countless times your lungs were ready to explode.

But it all was worth it. Sure, you had a good year. The team had a good year, actually it was one of the best seasons in the history of Woodbridge Crew. But what are you doing now?

Let’s face it, Summer’s halfway over. While you’re Fortnight skills improve, your Rocket League team is ranked nationally in the top two hundred, and just since June you’ve had two oh-so-close-but-unsuccessful attempts to win wing eating contests…your rival has been wearing the grips off his ERG.

So far he’s lowered his 2k from April 30th by 11.7 seconds.  He’s coming for you.

Don’t drop the oar this summer. Find your way to an ERG, get to one of the weight room days, eat well and do what you can to stay in shape or even improve during the rest of the summer.

Your rival is.


Woodbridge Crew’s Ryan Coulter to U.S. Rowing’s U17 Racing Camp

Ryan Coulter US Rowing U17 Camp

We’re proud to announce that Woodbridge Crew Junior Ryan Coulter was selected to attend the United States Rowing U17 Racing Camp this summer. The invitation carries an opportunity to train among the nations best high school rowers while being coached by the trainers and staff of the U.S. National Team.

Congrats Ryan!

Share this graphic or story on your own social feeds and let the world know about Ryan’s achievement and all that’s happening with Woodbridge Vikings Crew.


Woodbridge Crew’s Learn To Row Days Begin In August

We all hope you’ve had a great summer so far, but let’s face it – you miss crew.

There’s something about rowing, about the team, your team mates, about being on the water that makes you miss it. Now is the time to begin talking to your friends and other new students you meet about crew, and that starts in learning how to row.

Someone introduced each one of us to rowing at some point. It could have been your parents, friends, or maybe you saw a group of people carrying a long skinny boat over their heads down to the water and you said to yourself “that looks like fun.” No matter how it happened you had to learn somewhere. So Woodbridge Crew has FOUR Learn To Row Days scheduled to introduce the sport to a new group of future rowers.

Mary Rowen’s article “So Your Kid Wants To Join a Crew Team” in the Huffington Post described rowing this way:

“There are few better ways to learn the value of teamwork than being on a crew team. Every oar-stroke from every rower affects the boat’s success. So if a boat does well in a race, everyone shares in the glory. And no matter how strong or skilled one rower may be, he or she’s only as good as the rest of the boat.”

– Mary Rowen, Huffington Post, Mar 25, 2017

First, Row-en is a great name for someone in crew, and second…we couldn’t agree more with Mary’s statement! So now is the time to get the word out about our Learn To Row Days! Share the flyer and graphic on Facebook, IG, or go old school and print it off to hand to your friends. No matter how you tell them, just make sure they (and their parents) know the date, times and other information to get them involved in crew!Learn To Row Day

Time for Nationals!

WSHS Team Group photos national 2018 20180524_074856

It is time for Nationals!

You could feel the excitement in the air from all the rowers and coaches this morning as everyone prepared to head to Nationals! Best of luck to all the rowers this weekend.  (Good luck as well to the Colgan team members who joined us on the bus trip this weekend).

WSHS and Colgan teams nationals 201820180524_074925.jpg

Helpful information if you need it: 

Parking – Hotel – Driving Directions Information:

Nationals Information Directions Location website

SRAA Web Site:

Please look for the WSHS individual race boat photo lineups in your emails soon.

Heat sheet race times (as listed on first release – times subject to minor changes)

sraa heatsheet for pub


Good luck!

Dinner Plans! Paisano’s Crew Fundraiser Tonight! May 22, 2018 from 4:00-8:00PM!

Paisano logo._over.png

Dinner Plans! Paisano’s Crew Fundraiser Tonight! May 22, 2018 from 4:00-8:00PM!

Our last fundraiser/spirit night for the spring season is TONIGHT. 

Paisanos Flyer May 22 2018

12439 Dillingham Square
Lake Ridge, VA 22192
Sunday, May 22, 2018
4:00PM – 8:00PM
**Please show flyer or say you are with Woodbridge Crew **


They are having two fundraiser groups tonight. Make sure to show our flyer and/or mention Woodbridge CREW so we get the appropriate credit for our group! Thanks!!


Paisanos Menu

Proceeds are only available for Dine In & Carry Out. Does
not apply towards delivery.



Congratulations to the VSRC Day 2 Participants! Off to Nationals!

Congratulations to the VSRC Day 2 Participants! Off to Nationals!

Crew posting

Congratulations to the State Day 2 participants! You all did an awesome job!

Men’s 2nd Eight – 1st place

Men’s 1st Eight – 2nd place

Women’s 1st Eight – 4th place

A great effort by the Women’s 2nd Eight and Women’s 1st – 4. 

The entire team came in 2nd for “Points” for the State Championship. Awesome job by the entire team, coaching staff, and Parent cheer squad!!

The Men’s 1st Eight, Men’s 2nd Eight, and Women’s 1st Eight all qualified for Nationals!!


Good Luck!!