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THe Woodbridge Crew Varsity Lettering Criteria has not changed.

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Spring Attendance Policy is the same for 2021

Spring Attendance Policy 2017-2018

Woodbridge Crew has rowing opportunities in every season. We compete as a team in the spring and have conditioning and other rowing opportunities throughout the year.

Our team is strengthened by a broad and diverse mix of student athletes dedicated to the demanding sport of competitive rowing.  Team membership is open to all students at Woodbridge Senior High School who meet team tryout criteria and academic standards, and pass a standardized medical exam and swimming test.


In the Spring, we run our competitive rowing season with our team members selected through a tryout process. Men and Women are placed in boats based on their skills on and off th40732140595_22fed599d2_oe water. Positions change during the season as rowers improve and challenge for a higher seat or a higher boat. During this season our oarsmen row together, practice together and race as a team. We participate in regattas on the Occoquan resevoir as well as several away venues including the James River Regatta near Richmond and others as the schedule dictates. Qualifying boats compete in Virginia State and U.S. National competitions. Woodbridge is a fixture at both States and Nationals.



In the summertime several local rowing organizations run development camps and programs. IMG_1654Woodbridge Crew does not run its own program during summer, but we encourage our rowers to participate in local, collegiate or US Rowing sponsored camps. We find, and varsity rowers will agree, that the students who row during the summer significantly improve while developing additional skills that give them an edge on students who don’t camp during the summer. Many of our Woodbridge coaches work the local rowing camps, IMG_1699and all of our rowers are given the upcoming summer camp  information during the spring.

Summer Camps are an opportunity for rowers to try sculling like the rowers in these photos. During our spring season the team generally “sweeps” vs sulling. Many of our rowers have gone on to compete in college by using the skillsets they developed during the summer camps and fall rowing seasons.

The Fall

Fall is very similar to the summer season since WSHS Crew does not run an official training program. As with all the other seasons, rowing in the fall is not required for students who are hoping to row in the spring. However, the fall season does provide additional opportunities for skills improvement.


The 2018 Fall season was epic for our rowers on the Prince William County Team. Woodbridge rowers medaled in almost every regatta, rowing in eights, quads and fours. Not only did the 2018 team set a few club records, they beat many collegiate rowing programs in both chase and challenge formats, making 2018 a highly successful and memorable season.

Options include rowing from the Oxford Boathouse in Lake Ridge Park with the Prince William Crew Association (PWCA), and from the Sandy Run Rowing Facility in Fairfax County with Stillwater Rowing and Resilient Rowing clubs. Each offer programs for novice and experienced rowers. In general, the fall season, September to November, is a great way to improve skills before the competitive spring season.


In the Winter, we run a conditioning program at the high school led by our Woodbridge Crew coaches. This program is focused on weight training, conditioning and developing endurance.IMG_7358

Our Winter conditioning program is open to all WSHS students.  It is an optional program and is not required for students who want to row in the Spring.  The Winter conditioning program is highly recommended for athletes who are not participating in another winter sport since we have found participation in fall or winter sports or winter conditioning prepares athletes for the rigorous spring competitive season.  It can be very difficult for a student to keep up without physical conditioning prior to the spring season.

 Our conditioning program consists of a variety of activities, including running, circuit training, weight training, rowing on the Ergometer (rowing machine) and other team building activities.  It is a very challenging, but rewarding program and will prepare the students for the Spring Tryout process. 


In general, our Winter Conditioning Program begins the third week of November and runs until the end of February, culminating in the three-day tryout process required for participation in the Spring Competitive season.

Conditioning is held Monday-Friday, 5-7pm pm at WSHS.  Students will be required to register before they begin participating in the program.  All students will need a current physical and proof of concussion training.

All our returning rowers are eligible to do the online concussion training. The confirmation form can be printed and signed at the training.

Freshman and students new to the county are required to attend a face-to-face concussion training session.  The schedule for face-to-face training sessions can be found on the WSHS athletic website.

Questions – please contact Coach Coach Compy 


Spring Crew season starts in late February.  In the spring, we row as “Woodbridge Crew” with all of our racing boats powered by Woodbridge Crew team members. All potential rowers are required to participate in a three-day mandatory tryout process at Woodbridge Senior High School.

Spring is the official competitive season with regattas held most Saturdays from late March through late May. This includes several home regattas on the Occoquan River and possible away regattas at sites in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Regatta dates are listed on our schedule page once they are published by our local crew governing body – the Virginia Scholastic Rowing Association (VASRA).

Woodbridge Crew’s boat assignments (assigning rowers to specific positions in specific boats and assigning coxswains to the right boats) are determined starting in early March once rowers and coaches are back on the water. Erg tests, performance on the water, physiological capacity (height, weight, muscular development), attitude, commitment, attendance, technical skill, and ability to respond positively to coaches’ critiques are factors used by our coaches to gauge each rower’s capabilities.

IMG_8209Spring training is Monday through Friday (time to be decided) and some Saturday morning practices. There will also be daily practices during Spring Break. Most of the training time is spent on the water. Training continues through to the end of the competitive season which begins in late March and ends mid to late May. Spring Crew is a significant time commitment.  Coaches expect all student rowers to attend all practices including those during Spring Break. When a student rower doesn’t attend practice, everyone else on the boat is impacted and it could affect their placement in competitive boats.


#1. A current physical (dated after May 1) on file at the school BEFORE the tryout process. 

High School Physical Form VHS 2017 2018.

#2. Proof of current concussion training.   Returning athletes may complete the training with a parent on-line.  Freshman or athletes new to the county must attend a face-to-face concussion training.  The schedule can be found on the WSHS athletic website.

#3 – SWIM TEST: All rowers must provide proof of his/her swimming ability. (e.g. Red Cross Swimming Card, BSA Merit Badge verification, Proof of Swim Team Membership OR verification by a certified lifeguard of the ability to swim 100 meters and tread water for 2 min.) If needed, the Chinn Aquatics Center (intersection of Old Bridge and Prince William Parkway) conducts swim tests. Call the Chinn Center at (703) 791-2338 and scheduling an appointment. Bring our swim test form for the examiner to sign. Swim tests will remain on file in the rower’s registration folder.

ACADEMIC ELIGIBILITY must be maintained under the Virginia High School League Rules and Prince William County School Regulation 640-2, dated October 27, 2004. If a rower meets the eligibility requirements of the Prince William County School Regulation then the rower has also met the Virginia High School League requirements. “In order to maintain eligibility, high school students participating in interscholastic athletics… must pass five subjects and earn “C” or better in two subjects at the end of the first semester, at the end of the school year, and at the end of the first and third nine weeks.” Also, “Student assistant electives shall not be counted toward meeting the standards.”The full text of the VHSL can be found in the VHSL Handbook.

PWCS regulation is located here.

Please contact Coach Jason Compy with any questions: