Now is the Time to Invite Someone to Learn to Row.

CREW Football Program Ad #2 (smaller)

Every year it happens: seniors graduate, military families move, life gets in the way and seats open up for students to get involved with crew for the first time. One of the easiest and best ways to show your friends the great sport of crew is to invite them to one of the Learn to Row Days.

These two-hour sessions are designed to introduce someone to “Crew Life” with a tour of the Oxford Boat House, some individual instruction on an ERG (which non-rowers call a rowing machine), a description of how the different parts of the boat and rowers work together, a safety brief and then get on the water in one of the Woodbridge 8-seat boats. Beginners will mix in with current Woodbridge Crew members to take the boat out onto the Occoquan River and get firsthand experience as to why Crew is one of the fastest growing sports in Virginia, and one of the largest teams at WSHS.

All of our Learn to Row Days are free and are open to new and current Woodbridge students. Many students row in the off seasons of another sports they participate in, and find that rowing significantly increased their physical fitness, challenged them, and was a lot of fun in the process.

So invite your friends, neighbors, brothers and sisters and that kid down the block who skateboards everywhere (you know the one) to come out for the next Learn to Row Day. Contact Coach Julie Hyzy at for more information.

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