Are you getting better this summer? Your rival is!

He's Coming For You 2

There’s an old song that talks about the “Lazy Days of Summer”, but we hope that doesn’t describe you!

Just for a moment, think about all the hard work you did last season.

  • The pain and sweat of winter conditioning
  • Those times when you just knew you would never be able to stand on your rubbery legs after you gave everything you had in that 2k
  • The blisters on your hands
  • And the countless times your lungs were ready to explode.

But it all was worth it. Sure, you had a good year. The team had a good year, actually it was one of the best seasons in the history of Woodbridge Crew. But what are you doing now?

Let’s face it, Summer’s halfway over. While you’re Fortnight skills improve, your Rocket League team is ranked nationally in the top two hundred, and just since June you’ve had two oh-so-close-but-unsuccessful attempts to win wing eating contests…your rival has been wearing the grips off his ERG.

So far he’s lowered his 2k from April 30th by 11.7 seconds.  He’s coming for you.

Don’t drop the oar this summer. Find your way to an ERG, get to one of the weight room days, eat well and do what you can to stay in shape or even improve during the rest of the summer.

Your rival is.


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