Woodbridge Crew’s Learn To Row Days Begin In August

We all hope you’ve had a great summer so far, but let’s face it – you miss crew.

There’s something about rowing, about the team, your team mates, about being on the water that makes you miss it. Now is the time to begin talking to your friends and other new students you meet about crew, and that starts in learning how to row.

Someone introduced each one of us to rowing at some point. It could have been your parents, friends, or maybe you saw a group of people carrying a long skinny boat over their heads down to the water and you said to yourself “that looks like fun.” No matter how it happened you had to learn somewhere. So Woodbridge Crew has FOUR Learn To Row Days scheduled to introduce the sport to a new group of future rowers.

Mary Rowen’s article “So Your Kid Wants To Join a Crew Team” in the Huffington Post described rowing this way:

“There are few better ways to learn the value of teamwork than being on a crew team. Every oar-stroke from every rower affects the boat’s success. So if a boat does well in a race, everyone shares in the glory. And no matter how strong or skilled one rower may be, he or she’s only as good as the rest of the boat.”

– Mary Rowen, Huffington Post, Mar 25, 2017

First, Row-en is a great name for someone in crew, and second…we couldn’t agree more with Mary’s statement! So now is the time to get the word out about our Learn To Row Days! Share the flyer and graphic on Facebook, IG, or go old school and print it off to hand to your friends. No matter how you tell them, just make sure they (and their parents) know the date, times and other information to get them involved in crew!Learn To Row Day


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