A Great Erg Sprint competition this past weekend!!

Congratulations to all the rowers, coxswain, coaches and parents for a great Erg Sprint competition this past weekend!!

1 team photos 27749933_2013134668713909_8857916090791349350_n

It was an amazing day of racing for Woodbridge.  So many medals and personal bests. We are extremely proud of all our rowers who participated and especially excited about the fact we had EIGHTEEN parents step up and race!  That’s the most we’ve ever had, double what we had last year! It’s going to be a great season!

Here are the results from the Erg Sprints with a few photos from the day:

Freshman Boys – 1st Michael Williamson, 2nd – Gunnar Olesen

Freshman Girls – 1st – Divine

Porter, 3rd – Jackie Lewis

Boys 16 and under – 2nd – James Williamson

Girls 16 and under – 2nd – Katie Guardado

Lightweight men 18 and under

1st – Daniel Conrad (set new record), 3rd – Bryce Eighmey

Lightweight women 18 and under

1st (tie) – Livi Mergler (set a new record), 3rd – Sarah Kirk

Mens Coxswain – 2nd – Liam Rhodes

Womens Coxswain – 2nd – Ash McCaulley, 3rd – Julissa Serrano

Relay Team – 2nd place – Barrie Hill, Sarah Kirk, Ryan Coulter, James Williamson

Parent Relays:

Father/Son – 1st – Kyle and Hal Mergler

Father/Daughter – 2nd – Sarah and David Kirk

Mother/Daughter – 2nd – Barrie and Tasha Hill

3’slide event (men) – 2nd – James Williamson and Ryan Coulter

3’slide event (women) – 3rd – Alecia Grogman and Vanessa Chambers

Lili Gomez and Livi Mergler who placed 2nd in the 3’slide event

Livi Mergler and her dad Hal who placed 3rd in the Father/Daughter relay

Darius Babb and his mom Nicole for placing 2nd in the Mother/Son Relay

Jacob Vayer and his mom Susan for placing 3rd in the Mother/Son Relay

2 IMG_4481

3 IMG_4512

6 IMG_4526

7 IMG_4473

7 erg races

5 Barrie and Tasha image1


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