Crew Team Pentathlon

This past Friday during Winter Conditioning WSHS held our Annual Team Pentathlon. It is a great team building competition and a fun way to kick off the combining of the novices with the varsity kids for the rest of conditioning.

The kids competed in 5 events:
1. 2K Erg test
2. Horizontal pull ups
3. Quintuple long jump
4. Sled Pull
5. 1 mile run

It is a extraordinarily tough competition. We asked them to push themselves to their limits and do more then they think they could and they all stepped up and did it!
We are so proud of all of them and how they competed, I hope they impressed themselves!

We crowned the top three competitors in each division and then everyone got a cookie medal and a key chain. We certainly hope they enjoyed themselves and we hope they are now pumped up and ready to really dig in to the rest of winter conditioning for the next 5 weeks!

Congratulations to all the competitors and to our top finishers:

Varsity Men: 1st place – AJ Richardson, 2nd place – Aiden Perkins, 3rd place – Bryce Eighmey
Varsity Women: 1st place – Livi Mergler, 2nd place – Lili Gomez, 3rd place – Barrie Hill
Novice Men: 1st place – Michael Williamson, 2nd place – Gunnar Olesen, 3rd place – Thomas Tafe
Novice Women: 1st place – Madison Montes, 2nd place – Divine Porter, 3rd place – Mackenzie Booth

Pent 1 IMG_1005

pent 2 IMG_1007

Pent 3 IMG_1012

Pent 4 IMG_1009

Pent 5 IMG_1017

Pent 6 IMG_1018


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