Race Results from Regional Park Regatta April 1st.

Here are the race results with times from the Regional Park Regatta this weekend on April 1st, 2017.

You can match the results to your heat sheets sent out earlier this weekend.

Sorry the Novice and Freshman boats did not get to race this weekend but we look forward to seeing you show your skills next weekend!

Race 1: 09:00 AM M-1/JR/LT-4x Heat 1 1st Woodbridge 07:02.4

Race 17 finals (the finals of race 1): M-1/JR/LT-4x Final 2nd Overall Woodbridge 05:54.8


Race 7: 09:48 AM M-1x Final 1           1st Woodbridge 08:38.9

Race 9: 10:04 AM M-1/JR-2x Final    1st Woodbridge 07:13.2

Race 14: 10:44 AM M-Lt-4 Final         1st Woodbridge 06:55.8

Race 15: 10:52 AM W-LT/3-4 Final     4th place Woodbridge 07:41.1

Race 16: 11:00 AM M-1-4 Final            3rd Woodbridge 06:49.0

Race 26: 01:05 PM W-JR-8 Heat 2      2nd Woodbridge 06:48.6

Race 41: (finals of race 26) 03:05 PM W-JR-8 Final 4th Woodbridge 07:05.7

Race 33: 02:01 PM M-JR-8 Final         5th Woodbridge 07:32.6


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