Crew board sets course for sustained success

Our board held its summer meeting earlier this month and unanimously approved a plan to begin replacement of the team’s boats. Hulls have been replaced or added over the years but the new plan creates a schedule for modernizing the inventory. As new hulls are added, older ones will be sold or donated to keep the inventory rotating and our team in the best possible shells. Contact us if you’re interested in the shells we have for sale.

The near-term priority is for our women’s team, replacing its old four with a recent-model, used shell. Other shells may be added as they become available.

The board also committed to launch a fundraising campaign to help buy a new shell for the varsity eight men. The goal is to have the new shell ready when the team starts practice on the water for the 2017 season. The fundraising campaign for the new V8 shell is planned to begin soon.

“Our team has strengthened over the past several years and has potential for some very exciting seasons ahead. We have a great group of rowers returning next year and a strong pipeline of interest by others. We decided it’s time to match the team’s potential with boats that will help them win,” said Jim Gates, Woodbridge Crew board president.

Watch for information about the new boats and the V8 fundraising campaign. We’ll need your help and support to make this work!


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